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Oof that throwback. Cool video m8 keep it up

Haha so much nostalgia

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The game is fun but maybe a little bit repetitive. Good job :)

The graphic style is pretty nice but the colors lack of unity (there's dark themed colors and bright colors right next to them). Also I don't think Trias - Step Back, the Oof sound from Roblox and the coin sound from Super Mario are copyright free, I think there's many awesome copyright free Trap tracks on Newgrounds if you seek that.
Keep it up,

~ Ahurac

kruno5gaming responds:

Because it says FREE USE, it is the right song, if I guess so, I must beware of bad guys

FREE USE = Creative Commons, if I guess so

I am trying to find the real song that fits in my future game

Fun and simple game. I'm nobody to judge but I just regret the low-effort HUD.

GoodL responds:

I can definitely respect that. Thank you!

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The instruments sound cool. However some notes are pretty random speaking of tone. The bass shot at 00:19 is pretty random too. The textures are very psychedelic, I guess that's intended.
Nice work you got there, but now try to focus on mixing, music theory and maybe structure.

~ Ahurac

Triangelo responds:

I have to study a lot of music theory.

The percussions sound pretty good, but it's kinda repetitive at some point. For the mixing, that's well made, congrats. For the structure it's pretty random but let's call it progressive, that's often the way it works X). The fade out at the end :/ it's fine if you like it but there's a ton of ways to finish a song so if you want you can get creative with this.
Keep it up,

~ Ahurac

The vocal sound good but everything is loud compared to it. The House beat is nice, the vocal fits well to the vibe that wobble chords playing along clashes with it, you should have done some EQing to avoid this. That still sounds good tho. The drop sounds really good too, it's really full and nice to hear, well done for that.
You keep improving and that's perfect, keep it up,

~ Ahurac

OuterKosmos responds:

Thanks :) I just like the vocals not to stand too much up in the mix, but maybe I overdid a bit there, yeah. And the chords sound yeah, maybe I should have EQed a bit, but I tryed to make it fit without EQ by arranging it in a way that it sounds loud whenever the vocals finish sentences and so on.

PS: Ty for the drop review, I was breaking my mind in order to figure out how to make it sound full/powefull enough (I had to layer a lot)

Best regards,
Outer Kosmos

i make songs and thas cool i guess.
'Sixth Sense Reloaded' out now!
if you still use mails: contact.ahurac@gmail.com


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