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The game is fun but maybe a little bit repetitive. Good job :)

The graphic style is pretty nice but the colors lack of unity (there's dark themed colors and bright colors right next to them). Also I don't think Trias - Step Back, the Oof sound from Roblox and the coin sound from Super Mario are copyright free, I think there's many awesome copyright free Trap tracks on Newgrounds if you seek that.
Keep it up,

~ Ahurac

kruno5gaming responds:

Because it says FREE USE, it is the right song, if I guess so, I must beware of bad guys

FREE USE = Creative Commons, if I guess so

I am trying to find the real song that fits in my future game

Fun and simple game. I'm nobody to judge but I just regret the low-effort HUD.

GoodL responds:

I can definitely respect that. Thank you!

Cool concept.

Nice looking graphics, the game is a bit hard.

One of my favorite game of all time on NG. The concept, the graphics, the gameplay, all is awesome. Sad a glitch stopped me at some point, I glitched into a wall I couldn't step back.
Still a short but amazing game.

~ Ahurac

devdwarf responds:

sorry to hear that! all the crashes will be fixed saturday, hope youll check it out again then!

I love the graphics. Wtf the game is so hard o_O. But the concept is awesome.
EDIT: After some tries, the game seems to be well balanced, it can be tricky but most important it's not too simple.
One of the best games I ever played out there, well done.

~ Ahurac

I just love the ambiance, well done. Also the GB graphic style is awesome as the music. I just have nothing to say, well done.

~ Ahurac

The title made me laugh so hard. I hope the game will be as fun XD. EDIT. Yes it is, definitely.
On the other, the game is really difficult to understand. At least it's fun and original X).
Keep it up,

~ Ahurac

ANOTHER EDIT: I can't figure out how you don't die while falling with the parachute :(

I must admit it took me a while to understand it. The game is pretty well made. The graphics are maybe too much 8-bit, I like retro style but as it is, it looks like Atari and it increase the difficulty to understand what's going on.
Still a nice game,

~ Ahurac

KJScott responds:

Was trying to recreate an old zx spectrum game, and yeah I know getting to figure out how to play the game takes a while. I ran out of code space to implement any more to the instructions so would just have to rely on players figuring it out after that.

i make songs and thas cool i guess.
'Sixth Sense Reloaded' out now!
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